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"Committed to being the Powerhouse
for your Business"

The Candace Co. is a marketing firm that has extensive knowledge due to activaly taking Meta courses, Google analytics training and WIX ADI workshops. We work exclusively with WIX for website building, management, SEO etc. as it also provides a helpful "all-in-one" program for you to have for checking up on things!


Knowing what works and what doesn't can provide results that can help boost your sales and visibility. As a business owner, you may not have the time to learn all the marketing tactics.  


What Does Marketing Do for a Business?


Marketing is an investment: The ultimate goal of marketing is to make relationships that become sales, but the first step is to get people aware of your business. Without awareness, you can’t make those all-important relationships. We can help you reach the right customers: If you’re not sure about your target customers, marketing and research can help you figure it out. Then existing customers will likely buy from you again if you’re doing something right. We help you do that by building long-term relationships with them through email, social media, etc.


The Candace Co. helps give you a competitive advantage in your industry and helps people see your value, which means it can differentiate your business from others in your market. If people see what makes you unique, they’ll be more likely to choose you instead of the competition.​

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